We extend our service into your life

The end of sales do not mean the end of our service. On the contrary, it is a new starting point of another kind of service. The after-sale service indicates the “social responsibility” consciousness and the creditable service attitude of an enterprise than mere product transaction. Express Electro Elevator Co. Provides you with 24-hour all-weather service, at any time and place, in case of something is wrong with your lift, the company offers you the most professional solution in quickest speed and the shortest time possible. Our after-sales engineers remain ever-alert to attend your service call.

The nation-wide after-sale service network

Express Electro Elevators Co. Has set up many branches in many leading cities. Enabling us to provide our local customers with the better response at the first time and prompt parts supply.

24-hour emergency repair service

In case of any emergency, Express Electro Elevators Co. has specially set-up 24-hour customer hotline. We will provide urgent paid service at the first moment.

Service Center

From building projects of customers to the lifelong services, Express Electro Elevators Co. provides customer with meticulous services with keen consideration for all the procedures.

Monitor network

Express Electro Elevators Co. regularly assigns the staff to detect your equipment’ s travel conditions and provides most professional maintenance.